MATLAB: Simulink/stateflow code generation – putting model name in variable prefixes, how to stop this

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In code generation from a model, the generated code puts the model name and variable type as a prefix for the variable.
For example,
for a variable which I want to be called ""MTR_PORT_LED1", in the generated code it becomes "M69_B.MTR_PORT_LED1", where M69 is the model name and b (i assume) is the data type (boolean).
Is there a way to configure code generate such that it does not apply this prefix for the variable name?

Best Answer

  • Hello,
    I dont know which coder you use, but i can explain it for the Embedded Coder:
    1) open the 'Model Configuration Parameter' Panel
    2) go to Code Generation -> Symbols
    3) than you should see the 'identifier format control' window
    Now, you are able to put the prefix away, e.g. for the 'global variables'Field you just have to delete $R, after that it looks like : $N$M . I think for another coder it must be similar.