MATLAB: Simulink Test Test Manager: create baseline for only subset of simulation time.

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Is it possible to capture a "baseline criteria" in the Test Manager and check for compliance only during a specific instance/section in time rather than the full simulation time? I.e. a baseline for only a subset of the simulation.

Best Answer

  • Currently this is not possible with the Test Manager using a method similar to that shown in the link below.
    As an alternative consider using the Test Sequence block to test a certain section of your simulation.
    Another alternative would be to use Operating Point (SimStates prior to R2019a) to save the model states at a particular time and then you can run a simulation starting from that state, so basically the test harness only runs the section of time that you want.
    In R2019a you can also create Temporal Assessments which may or may not be relevant to you based on your application.