MATLAB: Simulink Variant, missing “Override Using” context menu

2016b2019aoverride usingsimulinkvariant

I have .slx models provided to me by software writers. These models use Variants. In 2016b there is a context menu "Override Using" that is not present in 2019a. How do I replicate this action with 2019a?
Below is 2019a
Below is 2016b

Best Answer

  • From R2019a, the Override variant conditions and use the following variant option no longer exists. To get the same functionality, use the Label option in Variant control mode instead.
    The label mode allows you to specify the name-based variant controls (Label mode active choice). In label mode, the variant control is not evaluated and the choice used in simulation is determined by the Label mode active choice parameter.
    Additionally, to choose the active variant based on the evaluation of variant conditions, select Expression as the variant control mode. In expression mode, the variant control can be a Boolean expression, a Simulink.Variant object containing a Boolean expression, or ‘(default)’.
    However, Simulink models that were created prior to R2019a with Override variant conditions and use following variant option will continue to work when you update the model to a newer version.