MATLAB: Smallest of 3 arrays

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I have 3 array:
Acc_X: 1×1161 double,
Acc_Y: 1×1155 double,
Acc_Z: 1×1158 double,
I would like to choose the smallest of these 3 (like an if loop) and based on that remove the values from the other arrays. So in this case it will be 1×1155 for all 3.
For example remove the last 6 values from Acc_X
Anybody have a godd suggestion? THanks for the help :)))

Best Answer

  • L = min([length(Acc_X), length(Acc_Y), length(Acc_Z)]);
    Acc_X = Acc_X(1:L);
    Acc_Y = Acc_Y(1:L);
    Acc_Z = Acc_Z(1:L);