MATLAB: Solving a system of PDE, not on the same control volume


Hello, i'm trying to solve a problem similar to the one in the attached photo(not the same one…but the same concept): a system of parabolic PDEs, like the heat transfer problem between different materials. how can i do it with MATLAB? from what i understood, PDEPE can solve a system, but only on the same control volume. any other ideas?
i'll thanks your help in implementing a solution of my problem
Thanks, in advance! Bar

Best Answer

  • Your pdefun function should look something like this:
    function [c,f,s] = pdefun(x,t,u,DuDx)
    if(x < L)
    k = alpha1;
    k = alpha2;
    f = k*DuDx;
    I probably should also mention that you should experiment with different mesh densities because the mesh affects the accuracy of the pdepe solution. But that recommendation applies whether you have continuous or discontinuous coefficients.