MATLAB: Solving differential equation in simulink

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Hello Everyone
I am solving a differential equation (attached) of greenhouse energy balance on SIMULINK which has basically two unknowns (Tin and qg). One of them (qg) is model output and other (Tin) is also not know from any means. Now I have to calculate both of these parameters from this differential equation. The only thing that I know is the 6 factors on rightside of the equation but all of them are dependent on Tin and there is a operating set point for temperature is given as 20 for day and 16 for night for greenhouse. Can someone help me to solve this equation?
My simulink model is also attached.Plzzzz guide me

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  • hello again. this should look like this:
    by clicking on "Tune" an app opens and tries to first linearize the system and then choose the best coefficients.