MATLAB: Solving three equations for 3 unknows


Hi Guys, I have the three following equations:
(2*c*w1)+b2 == 0.3205;
((2*c*b2)+ w1)*w1 == 214200;
And I need to find the values of: c, w1 and b2…. is there a function for me to do it?
Thanks for your time.

Best Answer

  • For your system, use vpasolve (link) to get numeric results. You may also need to use the double function if you want to use the results in other calculations.
    syms c w1 b2
    Eqs = [(2*c*w1)+b2 == 0.3205;
    ((2*c*b2)+ w1)*w1 == 214200;
    [c,w1,b2] = vpasolve(Eqs, [c,w1,b2])