MATLAB: Sudden error occurs on executing Matlab program

undefined function or variable

Dear all,
I wrote some Matlab programs (several M files and functions) and saved them in a folder. I successfully ran these programs after finised writting. However, after I surfed Internet for a while and got back to ran them again, there were strang errors. For example, when I ran a file called Test.m I wrote, it complains
??? Undefined function or variable 'Test'
And it happens to all other programs (within the same folder) as well. If I copy them to a different drive or different folder, the error still occurs to some of the programs.
Would you please tell me why this happened and how to solve it?
Many thanks and I look forward to your reply.
Sincerely, Jinlong.

Best Answer

  • Make sure the folder they are in is in the MATLAB search path.
    File > Set Path ...