MATLAB: Sum of a function


Hello everyone, I am stucked on how to write particular code for a Nash-Cournout oligopolistic equilibrium problem. I have written everything correctly and it ran successfully. The only situation I am in presently is trying to vary a particular step. To be more precise
I need code for the following:
is random for every
is random for every and
is random for every . I need to execute the following Quad program $c_j(x_j) = \frac{1}{2}x{_j}^{'} P_j x_j+ {q_j}^{'} x{_j}$. I will be glad if I can get a prompt help on this.

Best Answer

  • The expression below should solve your problem. Also write questions properly - would be scalar, so c is a vector. P and x are normal matrices, and q is a vector. This should solve your problem.
    PS - Also update your question, and attach the image file there
    c = x' * P * x / 2 + q' * x