MATLAB: Symbolic array, zero-based elements into another array


if I have the following matrix:
syms x11 x21 x31 x41
a = [ 1*x11 2*x21 3*x31 3*x41]
b = [ 1*x11 2*x21 3*x41]
I want to generate a array which is c:
c = [1*x11 2*x21 0 3*x41]
is easy to do this however does not touch time with sym then forgot.
Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • I do not understand your line about "does not touch time with sym then forgot".
    c = a;
    c(a == sum(a) - sum(b)) = 0;
    You might perhaps want to describe the variable possibilities in more detail if the above is not the answer.