MATLAB: Syntax highlighting stops working when typing Hebrew letters

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I use MATLAB R2012a on Fedora 16.
The syntax highlighting works well, but when I return to the office after leaving MATLAB open overnight, the highlighting ceases to work (and I also see a "returned all keys" message). I can't make it work again without closing and reopening the program, which is inconvenient.
Is there any way to fix this?
Sorry for the confusion. It seems that this is not at all the problem. After experiencing a bit I found that the problem is caused solely by typing non English lettes (Hebrew, in my case) in the command window. Whenever a single hebrew letter is typed in the command window (because I forgot to switch back to english after answering a mail or something…) all the text turns black. Needless to say, the problem persists after deleting the letters.
What do I do?

Best Answer

  • I do neither know the reason for this problem, nor did I saw this.
    Re-starting the Matlab session might be more convenient, when you use FEX: Matlab state.