MATLAB: Take one number from a name

strings manipulation

Hello people
By using the dir command i get all the files i have in a directory
The names of the files are something like Velo2_11022010_002_E5.xls
How it is possible to take the 2 after the two zeros
This means Velo2_11022010_00 (2) _E5.xls the 2 inside the parenthesis.
because i have the date from but i need this number also. Any idea?
Thank you

Best Answer

  • FileName='Velo2_11022010_002_E5.xls';
    d =
    'Velo2' '11022010' '002' 'E5.xls'
    If your naming convention for the file is consistent, then str2double(d{3}) is what you need.