MATLAB: Textread facing unexpected characters. Gives an error.

MATLABtext file

I'm trying to read the following file using textread with the following command [names, types, x, y, answer] = textread('data.txt', … '%s %f %s %d %d', 'headerlines', 2)
cg00000292 0.826063401 ATP2A1 16 28890100
cg00002426 0.178659348 SLMAP 3 57743543
cg00003994 0.041451237 MEOX2 7 15725862
cg00005847 0.381918846 HOXD3 2 177029073
cg00006414 NA ZNF425;ZNF398 7 148822837
cg00007981 0.037822681 PANX1 11 93862594
however it gives me the following error
Trouble reading floating point number from file (row 5, field 2) ==> NA ZNF425;ZNF398 7
I understand that textread is expecting a float but reaches the NA and gives the error, now my question is how to tell matlab to replace the unexpected with NaN and proceed instead of breaking the execution.
Help is appreciated 🙂

Best Answer

  • Try
    >> cac = cssm
    cac =
    {6x1 cell} [6x1 double] {6x1 cell} [6x1 int32] [6x1 int32]
    function cac = cssm()
    fid = fopen( 'cssm.txt' );
    cac = textscan( fid, '%s%f%s%d%d', 'Delimiter','\t', 'TreatAsEmpty','NA' );
    fclose( fid );
    and cssm.txt contains the sample data of the question