MATLAB: The use of the text function.

labelling graphs of the functions

Can I name the functions using the function text, or any other, in one step?
x:0:pi/40:4*pi; plotyy(x, sin(x), x, cos(2*x))
This does not work: text(x, sin(x), 'sin', x, cos(2*x), 'cos')
Thank you.

Best Answer

  • This does work, however you may want to reconsdier how you want it to appear:
    x = 0:pi/40:4*pi;
    plotyy(x, sin(x), x, cos(2*x))
    text(x, sin(x), 'sin')
    text(x, cos(2*x), 'cos')
    Note that I edited the ‘x’ assignment to produce a valid vector.