MATLAB: Title overwrites previous figure title


I'm plotting two figures in this short script. I want each figure to have its own title; but for some reason I cannot resolve why the last title is overwriting the title on the previous figure. Please help me answer this. Thanks!
%% Reconstruct Images as Linear Combinations of DCT Bases
close all; clear all; clc;
% Read in grayscale image
I = imread('cameraman.tif');
I = im2double(I);
% Perform a 2-D DCT of the grayscale image using the dct2 function.
Idct = dct2(I);
% Set values less than magnitude 1 or less than 0.5 in the DCT matrix to
% zero for Idct1 and Idct2, respectively.
Idct(abs(Idct) < 0.5) = 0;
Idct1 = Idct;
Idct(abs(Idct) < 1) = 0;
Idct2 = Idct;
% Reconstruct the images using the inverse DCT function idct2.
img = idct2(Idct);
img_1 = idct2(Idct1);
img_2 = idct2(Idct2);
% Display the original grayscale image alongside the processed images.
title('Processed Images for DCT Coefficients <0.5 (Left) and <1 (Right)');
title('Original Grayscale Image');

Best Answer

  • You call the "title" command, which updates the title of your current figure. Most often, your current figure is the one you most recently plotted something on.
    Below is an example. Label your figures, then set the active figure before plotting, labelling etc.
    original = figure('Name','Original','NumberTitle','off');
    processed = figure('Name','Processed','NumberTitle','off');
    %Then, select your "current figure":