MATLAB: Trouble getting function to work. Not enough inputs.


I'm trying to write a function that will output the indices of all local maxima and minima of a function. I was able to write code to do so but not within a function. I have this:
function [maxima,minima] = min_max(y)
maxx = islocalmin(y);
minn = islocalmax(y);
maxima = find(maxx == 1);
minima = find(minn == 1);
If i just use the code inside the function it does exactly what I want it to but I'm having trouble getting the function to work properly. The error I'm getting is not enough input arguments. Any advice on how to get this function to execute?

Best Answer

  • You need to call it with one input argument, the data you want to analyze. You cannot (directly) use the green triangle button to run this code, as by default it will run your function with zero input arguments.
    plot % zero input arguments, if you run this it would error
    plot(1:10) % one input argument, valid syntax for calling plot.