MATLAB: Ttig data – time plotting


I want to plot data in Matlab, but have problems with time.
Time is in form: HH:MM:SS.miliseconds (for example: 11:16:41.835)
I read my .txt file(tab delimiter), now I need to plot data. All data are same length, as I can figure there is problem with time format. Any advice (Plot(time, data1) not working as well.
I load my .txt file with: tdfread('test.txt','\t')
I want to show my time in minutes in graph (thickness is 1 minute..but when I zoom graph time must be shown…)

Best Answer

  • Try
    z = datevec( '11:16:41.835', 'HH:MM:SS.FFF' )
    z =
    1.0e+03 *
    2.0120 0.0010 0.0010 0.0110 0.0160 0.0418
    >> time = datenum( '11:16:41.835', 'HH:MM:SS.FFF' )
    time =
    --- Response to comment ---
    The problem with zoom is a limitation of Matlab - used to be anyway. Search File exchange for %93&term=dateticks+zoom dateticks zoom.
    I would try the contribution, Intelligent Dynamic Date Ticks, first.