MATLAB: Unable to open netCDF file


I'm trying to work with netcdf files using MATLAB version (R2009a) but I'm not able to open/read or display the content of the netcdf file.
Here are the commands I tried and the messages I got.
ncid ='D:\climatology\','NOWRITE');
??? Error using ==> netcdflib
Unable to open netCDF file, library error message "NetCDF: Unknown file format"
Error in ==> open at 54
[varargout{:}] = netcdflib ( 'open', filename, mode );
??? Undefined function or method 'ncdisp' for input arguments of type 'char'.
Any suggestions to solve this problem?
Thank you. -Nora

Best Answer

  • The hint I see in people's code is that R2011a might have been the first version that supported NetCDF4 files.