MATLAB: Unable to read MATLAB figure file *.fig in imread. The error is unable to determine file format.

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I am trying to make a movie for saved images in my working directory. The images (mesh plots) are named as H100, H200, …, H2000. The file format of these images is *.fig. (H100.fig, H200.fig,…). I am running the following script to make the movie. I took this script from another post in an online help forum and trying to make it work for my problem.I am not familiar with movie making in MATLAB as it is my first attempt to make a movie for my plotted results.
images = cell(20,1);
for i=1:20
writerObj = VideoWriter('Concentration.avi');
writerObj.FrameRate = 30;
for u=1:20
frame = im2frame(images{u});
writeVideo(writerObj, frame);
When I change the file format to *.jpg, it runs fine. It is not possible for me to change the file format for each of the image. I am unable to make it work for my problem. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Best Answer

  • To read ‘.fig’ files, use the openfig (link) function, not imread.