MATLAB: ??? Undefined function or variable ‘ODE45_main’.

matlab function

A case of matlab :
ODE45_fun.m function dy=ODE45_fun(t,y) a=1;b=1;c=9;
dy(1)=-a*y(1)+y(3)*y(2); dy(2)=-b*(y(1)+y(3)); dy(3)=c*y(2)-y(3)-3*y(2)*y(1);
and ODE45_main.m
tspan=[0,100]; y0=[0;0;10^(-10)]; [t,y]=ode45('ODE45_fun',tspan,y0); data=[t,y]; save ODE45_data.txt data-ascii plot3(y(:,1),y(:,2),y(:,2)) grid on title('Lorenz 方程')
>> ODE45_main
Now: ??? Undefined function or variable 'ODE45_main'.

Best Answer

  • The obvious questions apply here.
    1. Did you save it as an m-file?
    2. On your search path?
    3. Where on your search path?
    Please do this:
    which ODE45_main
    Note that too often, the answer to the last question is the person has saved the function into the MATLAB directories. Bad idea.