MATLAB: Unit8 image processing


Hello people
I have 4 uint8 data types which are 5, 100, 169 and 201
I want to know what color each I would get with
imshow(img>50 & img<170)
and why
Also I want to make sure if a double data type is 0.3 , it means 77 or 76 as uint8
thank you

Best Answer

  • logical() true is white, false is black for imshow
    The conversion to uint8 is uint8(0.3*255) and that rounds upon conversion. 76.5 would round to 77. But remember that the calculation is double precision and 0.3 is not exactly 3/10 so for some values it is potentially possible that an expected mathematical outcome ending in 0.5 might be 1 bit short of 0.5 exactly, so there could potentially be a few values that uint8 differently than you would naively expect