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I have a custom simulink created with R2012b. When opening it in R2014b for the first time, I get a message that repository information is missing for the library. Is there a way to auto-generate that information? Note that simply saving the library in R2014b is no option, as I cannot load it in R2012b after that any longer.
So far, I tried the following:
1. Set the parameter 'EnableLBRepository' in R2012b. That did not work, reading the parameter in R2014b returned 'off' while in R2012b, it returned 'on'.
2. I added the following code to slblocks.m:
if (~verLessThan('matlab', '8.4')) % R2014b
% Add repository information if not yet done
if (strcmp(get_param('canoelib', 'EnableLBRepository'), 'off'))
set_param('canoelib', 'Lock', 'off');
set_param('canoelib', 'EnableLBRepository', 'on');
set_param('canoelib', 'Lock', 'on');
catch ex
That worked, but it will fail if MATLAB is installed in C:\Program Files and the user starts it without Admin rights (canoelib.slx will be write-protected in that case).
What I'm looking for is a solution similar to 2., but without saving the configuration. Is there a way to update the repository information for a library in memory by script?
Many thanks in advance, Martin

Best Answer

  • The following flag ' Choice' needs to be added to your SLBLOCKS file. The flag indicates that the SLBLOCKS author wants to repeat the requested action for the library (and all sub-libraries) and not show a notification bar to ‘Fix missing RPS’ even if the repository info is missing for either the parent library or any of its child libraries.
    %%Example: In your SLBLOCKS file, add the following line:
    % if you don't want to save your library as SLX but want to instead generate the required info in memory without any further prompts.
    Browser(1).Choice=1 ;
    NOTE: The available values of choice are:
    Choice=0: Resave the library as SLX
    Choice=1: Generate the required repository info in memory
    Choice=2: Skip. If the user chooses 2, their library won’t show up in the Library Browser at all since repository info is missing