MATLAB: Use of vairibles with solve

solve assign vairable

hi, im fairly inexperienced in matlab so any help would be useful here basically i ave simple bit of code and i need to solve an equation for x where in the equation another preassigned variable is used
solve ('cos(x/b) + sin(x/b) – 0.7==x')
here 'b' should be a constant that's already been assigned earlier
also i'm having trouble getting answers from 'solve' to be stored in a variable. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

  • The following code should not give you any trouble:
    syms x
    b = 3; % use your own value here
    my_answer = solve (cos(x/b) + sin(x/b) - 0.7==x);
    It yields:
    my_answer =