MATLAB: Using 4 signals on one simulink scope and splitting them between two graphs with 2 on each.

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I am trying to combine 4 signals in one scope on 2 graphs. Two are voltages and the other two are current. I want both currents on one graph and both voltages on another because the scale is massively different. I can only split it in the ratio of 1 signal on one graph and 3 signals on the other or all seperate. I know I can just use 2 scopes but I would like to know if what I'm asking is possible and how to do it. Below are the 2 incorrectly/unevenly split graphs. Thanks.

Best Answer

  • Configure your Scope block to have two inputs, and then use the Mux block to combine both current signals for the first input, and another Mux block to combine both voltage signals for the second input.
    Each separate Scope block input is another subplot inside the scope. You can put multiple signals on one subplot by using the Mux block to combine them. You just need to make sure you also set your 'Layout' correctly if you have multiple Scope block inputs.
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