MATLAB: Using different strings for same operations


I have in my code many lines which are something like this:
onset_stim112 = reshape(onset_stim112(numStim-rem+1:end),[rem,1]);
onset_stim113 = reshape(onset_stim113(numStim-rem+1:end),[rem,1]);
onset_stim114 = reshape(onset_stim114(numStim-rem+1:end),[rem,1]);
onset_stim115 = reshape(onset_stim115(numStim-rem+1:end),[rem,1]);
As you can see, the same operation is performed on the right, but the names of the doubles on the left are slightly different. I have this repeatedly in my code – is there any way to do this short and more efficient? I was thinking about defining a string-array at the beginning and looping then through the names of the different stimulation variables, but I think looping is also not the most efficient way… Many thanks..