MATLAB: Using EDA Simulator Link with Simulink to Import HDL Files to Model


I am currently using Simulink to create a basic system model of a chip. I was hoping to incorporate Verilog blocks into the model to get functional block results as well as measured (generated from .m files). I want to be able to use EDA Simulator Link to do this, but I'm hesitant to request a license for the university since I don't know if someone else without the EDA simulator link license would be able to run the model. I know if might be an obvious question, but does anyone know if it's possible to run of model and get HDL results without the EDA Simulator link? Is there a way to package the Simulink libraries so that the EDA link wouldn't be needed down the line? Thanks for the help!

Best Answer

  • Do you use ModelSim for the HDL simulation? The best way to do this would be to use EDA Simulator Link - the only way around it should be to develop your own MATLAB-based tool using the ModelSim external interface (I'm guessing this will be in TCL) to marshall data in and out and manage the simulation. I'm not familiar with the challenges that you might face with this, but you might be able to get something to work for your specific case (i.e. ignoring any robustness issues).