MATLAB: Using looping and change in xlrange and xlsread

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Hello everyone
I have a tricky question for you. I am having trouble using variables in xlrange while looping. I am trying to change the change the column every iteration by generating the corresponding column alphabet and read the entire column in excel. My code snippet is as follows :
h = 0:5:300;
for k = 1:length(h)
x = 'xlsColNum2Str';
avg_rd = round(xlsread(filename,'sheet1', [x(k) ':' x(k)] ));
% i have some more numerical operations being performed on the column obtained from above variable "avg_rd"
The function "xlsColNum2Str" is coming from the below url –
I would appreciate any help in solving this problem.
Thank you,

Best Answer

  • I guess that you do not want to create the string 'xlsColNum2Str', but to call the function with this name:
    h = 0:5:300;
    for k = 1:length(h)
    range = xlsColNum2Str(k);
    avg_rd = round(xlsread(filename, 'sheet1', [range ':' range]));
    It would be faster to import all columns at once with a single xlsread call.