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I've got a question regarding the usage of Matlab Web App Server. I'm programming Matlab data analysis tools (including database toolbox functionality) and use Matlab Compiler to compile these programs. After reading the help pages about the Web App Compiler ( and ) I plan to test this functionality. But there are a few points I'm not so sure about:
  • Is Matlab Web App Server completly included in the Matlab Compiler license? I do not need an additional license for the PC where I install the Web App Server? To explain the planned use-case: I program an application and compile it with Matlab Web App Compiler on my local PC. I then transfer it to a virtual machine accesible via intranet where I install the Web App Server. Other colleagues, without a local Matlab installation, can then acces this app with a browser. Is that possible or did I get something wrong?
  • I know that compiled executables are not cross-platform compatible. Is this also the case for the Web App .ctf files? I.e., can I compile a Web App on my local Windows machine, install the Wep App Server on a linux machine, and let my compiled Web App run on the linux Web App Server?
Many thanks in advance for answering these two questions!

Best Answer

  • Frederik,
    Answers to your questions:
    1. Yes, MATLAB Web App Server is included in the MATLAB Compiler license. You do not need additional license. The workflow you describe with the use case is exactly what MATLAB web apps and Web App Server is meant for. You have it absolutely right. Your colleagues can access and run the web apps from a browser.
    2. Currently, the web app .ctf files are not cross-platform compatible. So, if you compile a web app on a Linux OS then you need to deploy and run the web app from a Linux web app server.
    Hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have additional questions.