MATLAB: View multiplage tiff in app designer

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I have the following function to import a Tiff-File, but it only shows the first slice of any tiff file. And I am currently not able to show the 2nd or nth slice in any way. How would this be possible?
function ImportTiffButtonPushed(app, event)
[file,path] = uigetfile('*.tif*');
if isequal(file,0)
imgPath = fullfile(path,file);
% open image and show it in the image box
tiffStack = imread(imgPath);
imshow(tiffStack, 'parent', app.UIAxes);

Best Answer

  • For multi-page file, imread only reads the first slice in the file (or a specific slice specified by an optional argument).
    If you have MATLAB R2020b, you can use the function tiffreadVolume to read entire TIFF file. Otherwise, you can loop through imread and stack each slices (might be time consuming if the TIFF file is large).
    function ImportTiffButtonPushed(app, event)
    [file ,path] = uigetfile('*.tif*');
    if isequal(file, 0)
    imgPath = fullfile(path, file);
    % Read the tiff file into tiffStack
    tiffInfo = imfinfo(imgPath);
    tiffStack = imread(imgPath, 1);
    numImages = numel(tiffInfo);
    for idx = 2:numImages
    temp = imread(imgPath, idx);
    tiffStack = cat(3 , tiffStack, temp);
    % Display multiple slices as rectangular montage
    montage(tiffStack, 'parent', app.UIAxes);