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Hello. I have an ascii file in a "x,y,z,data"-format. 500,000 rows. The x,y,and z vectors are a bit complicated, I did not create it myself, the data is from DDA calculations. I would like to visualize the data in some kind of volume plot. Scatter3 in principle works, but the area where "something is happening" is in the middle of the volume and thus covered by the "quiet" outer parts. I think something like slice or isocaps would look good, but I don't really know how to prepare the data. Meshgrid etc. fail with "Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded". The Volume is 61x61x127 arb. units and something like 100 points per direction would be sufficient. Any suggestions how to prepare/extrapolate the data and on the visualization? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm quite new to MATLAB and want the plot for a paper which should be submitted by yesterday 😉

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