MATLAB: What happen with confusion matrix

classifierconfusion matrix

Hi, Im trying to create confusion matrix, but the result in the green color or true class is not 100%, if the range 1-10 it should be 10,0% but I get 9,1%. please help me if I wrong? or explain why the result like this ?
here the code and result :
targetsVector = ttes.'; % True classes
outputsVector = pred_tes.'; % Predicted classes
% Convert this data to a [numClasses x 55] matrix
targets = zeros(11,55);
outputs = zeros(11,55);
targetsIdx = sub2ind(size(targets), targetsVector, 1:55);
outputsIdx = sub2ind(size(outputs), outputsVector, 1:55);
targets(targetsIdx) = 1;
outputs(outputsIdx) = 1;

Best Answer

  • It looks like you have 55 observations. 51 of them were classified correctly (along the diagonal, indicated in green). But 4 of them were misclassified -- two observations with target class 1, but were in output class 7 and two observations with target class 7, but where in output class 5.
    Classifiers are not usually perfect, so misclassifications happen. Did you expect your classifier to be perfect? Why?