MATLAB: What is it called when I specify a vector output of solutions from, say, fsolve


I have a simple question — just a matter of lingo, I think:
The fsolve algorithm gives all these outputs when it arrives at a solution:
[ x, fval, exit_flag, output, Jacobian ]
If I only write code such as
x = fsolve(f, x_guess)
then I get simply the solution from fsolve.
But if I write
[x, fval] = fsolve(f, x_guess)
then I get both the solution as well as the function evaluation at that solution.
And ditto for exit_flag, output, Jacobian.
What is this process called, when I enlarge the vector output to specify what I want the code to bring back?
Sorry, I know it's a very basic question, but I just want to use the correct lingo.

Best Answer

  • Those are called output arguments. Sometimes functions will use the nargout function to determine which calculations should be performed.