MATLAB: What is the toolbox for kmeans

kmeanskmeans problem function

What is the toolbox to obtain kmeans as a function? I have these toolboxes: 'Deep learning toolbox, Statistics and machine learning toolbox, Image processing toolbox', but Matlab doesn't find kmeans as a function. Why??

Best Answer

  • The kmeans function is in Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox (previously the Statistics Toolbox) and has been since at least release R2006a. Do you have this toolbox both installed and licensed? [If you're in an environment where you share licenses with others in your institution, all the licenses may be in use when you try to use kmeans.]
    Can you clarify what you mean by "Matlab[sic] doesn't find kmeans as a function"? Does it throw an error (and if so what is the full and exact text of that error -- show us all the text displayed in red?) Does it issue a warning? Does it do something else?