MATLAB: What is your idea to solve this

confirm a tablefind matched data

i have this two tables :
and i want to extract from them this table
i use this code :
for Q=1:length(querymdr)
for k=2:length(text)
if alltext{Q,1}==textmdr{k,1}
alltext = [alltext{text(k),6}];
elseif alltext{Q,1}~=textmdr{k,1}
alltext{Q+1,Q} = [text(k+1,:)]
but it didn't work…
it gives me error : Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in data2002New (line 51) alltext{Q+1,Q} = [text(k+1,:)]
any help please?

Best Answer

  • I think you should use curly brackets '{ }' to refer to the content of the cell. Like in text{....}; if you use () like in text(k+1,:) you will get all the cells in that row. Does that helps?