MATLAB: Where do I find polyspace-stats in PolySpace Client for C/C++ 6.0 (R2008b)

Polyspace Client for C/C++

The documentation for PolySpace Client for C/C++ 6.0 (R2008b) states :
PolySpace software provides textual output to illustrate how much progress has been made (available under Linux and Windows). This progress text is located in
the “product_installation_dir”/tools/ and is called polyspace-stats.

Best Answer

  • This change has been incorporated into the documentation in Release 2009b (R2009b). For previous releases, read below for any additional information:
    This is an error within the documentation for PolySpace Client for C/C++ 6.0 (R2008b) within the PolySpace Products for C User's Guide.
    Since version 3.3, polyspace-stats is not shipped with PolySpace. However it can be found on the MATLAB Central.
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