MATLAB: Where is the DMRS Type A Mappings symbol length defined in the 5G NR PDSCH Throughput Example

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I am following the NR PDSCH Throughput Example as present in the following MATLAB documentation(R2019a):
In the "hPDSCHResources.m" Appendix File, it appears that the DMRS Type A mappings are defined correctly, but I don't know their symbol length.
Where can I see the defined symbol length ?

Best Answer

  • You can open the NR PDSCH Throughput example with the following command in the Command Window of MATLAB R2019a:
    >> openExample('5g/NewRadioPDSCHThroughputExample')
    Open the "hSharedChannelResources.m" file and you will be able to see that if we have Type A Mapping, the symbol length is redefined correctly (mentioned as "DMRSLength").  
    This is the same way that the 3GPP Standard 36.211 Section defines symbol length for Type A Mappings.