MATLAB: Which MathWorks products are on each of the MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1) or later Windows CD’s


Because the MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1) release is distributed on three CD's, I would like to know which products reside on each CD.

Best Answer

  • It is not necessary to know which products are on which CD. The installer will prompt you to insert the correct CD according to which products you are licensed to install. However, here is a list for informational purposes:
    CDROM 1:
    Bioinformatics Toolbox
    Communications Toolbox
    Control System Toolbox
    Curve Fitting Toolbox
    Data Acquisition Toolbox
    Database Toolbox
    Datafeed Toolbox
    Excel Link
    Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox
    Filter Design Toolbox
    Financial Derivatives Toolbox
    Financial Time Series Toolbox
    Financial Toolbox
    Fixed Income Toolbox
    Fixed Point Toolbox
    Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
    GARCH Toolbox
    GADS Toolbox
    Image Acquisition Toolbox
    Image Processing Toolbox
    Instrument Control Toolbox
    License Manager
    Link for Code Composer Studio
    Mapping Toolbox
    MATLAB Builder for COM
    MATLAB Builder for Excel
    MATLAB Report Generator
    MATLAB Web Server
    Model Predictive Control Toolbox
    Neural Network Toolbox
    OPC Toolbox
    Optimization Toolbox
    Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
    RF Toolbox
    Robust Control Toolbox
    Signal Processing Toolbox
    Spline Toolbox
    Statistics Toolbox
    Symbolic Math Toolbox
    System Identification Toolbox
    Virtual Reality Toolbox
    Wavelet Toolbox
    CDROM 2:
    MATLAB Compiler
    CDROM 3:
    Aerospace Blockset
    CDMA Reference Blockset*
    Communications Blockset
    Embedded Target for Infineon C166
    Embedded Target for Motorola HC12
    Embedded Target for Motorola MPC555
    Embedded Target for OSEK/VDX
    Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP
    Embedded Target for TI C6000 DSP
    Filter Design HDL Coder
    Gauges Blockset
    Link for ModelSim
    Model Based Calibration Toolbox
    Real Time Windows Target
    Real Time Workshop
    Real Time Workshop Embedded Coder
    RF Blockset
    Signal Processing Blockset
    Simulink Accelerator
    Simulink Control Design
    Simulink Fixed Point
    Simulink Parameter Estimation
    Simulink Report Generator
    Simulink Response Optimization
    Simulink Verification and Validation
    Stateflow Coder
    Video and Image Processing Blockset
    xPC Target
    xPC Target Embedded Option
    *NOTE: As of R2006b, the CDMA Reference Blockset is no longer available for sale and no new feature development or further bug fixes will occur. More information can be found at