MATLAB: Why am i getting Undefined function ‘HumanWalkingModel’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.


please find the program in attachment and clarify my problem that why am i getting this
Undefined function 'HumanWalkingModel' for input arguments of type 'char'.
Error in unitIV (line 23)
[segment,seglength,T] = HumanWalkingModel(showplots, formove,…

Best Answer

  • You have to copy the code to that function and all the other functions, paste each one to a different .m file with the same name as the function, then save those to a directory on your MATLAB search path. You then should be able to call them.
    See the documentation sections on: Function Basics and What Is the MATLAB Search Path? for details.
    Note that the code is apparently from the early 1990s, so it may be necessary for you to update it to more recent MATLAB syntax before you can use it. It would likely be worthwhile to contact the authors to see if an updated version already exists.