MATLAB: WMS refine by latitude and longitude

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I used
cloudcover = wmsfind('cloud','Version','online');
to download all the WMS cloud cover, and now I would like to refine it to be just those cloud covers that show a global coverage. I have tried this:
globalcloud = refine(cloudcover, '*global*');
which gives me three very specific results.
Is there a way to search by the lat/lon limits ([-90,90],[-180,180]) to find other global coverages? I tried:
globalcloud = refine(cloudcover, '*90*90*180*180');
which did not return any results, and
globalcloud = refine(cloudcover, 'Latlim', '[-90,90]');
which returned a number of errors.
Am I doing something wrong, or am I trying to do something I cannot do?
Thank you.

Best Answer

  • You can query on Latlim and Lonlim in the "wmsfind" command:
    >> cloudcover = wmsfind('cloud','Version','online', 'Latlim',[-90 90], 'Lonlim', [-180 180]);
    This will give you 590 results that all have the proper Latlim and Lonlim values.