1 Framework for describing teleservices supported by a GSM PLMN

02.033GPPTeleservices Supported by a GSM Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN)TS

Teleservices supported by a GSM PLMN are described by a number of attributes which are intended to be largely independant.

These attributes are described and defined in specification GSM 02.01.

They are grouped into three categories:

– High layer attributes

– Low layer attributes (describing the Bearer capabilities which support the Teleservice).

– information transfer attributes,

– access attributes.

– General attributes

NOTE: Teleservices generally make use of underlying lower layer capabilities of Bearer Services as defined in specification GSM 02.02. However, where Teleservices are provided by a single Administration, RPOA or other services provider, the combination of values of lower layer attributes applicable to specific Teleservices may not necessarily be identical to any of those identified for the Bearer Services appearing in specification GSM 02.02.

Figure 1 / GSM 02.03 shows the relationship between the different categories of services attributes, and their scope within a Teleservice.
















NOTE 1: A transit network may not exist.

NOTE 2: Communication may be established from both ends in principle.

Figure 1 / GSM 02.03:
Relationship between the categories of services attributes and their scope within a Teleservice