1 Scope

3GPP42.043Release 16Service descriptionStage 1Support of Localised Service Area (SoLSA)TS

This technical specification, specifies a mechanism, which can be used as a platform for providing special tariffs and/or special set of service features for certain subscribers within a regionally restricted area or areas.

The motivation for this concept is to create means for network operators to build new service and tariff packages, which take into account subscriber groups and their needs.

The localised service area is both an optional network feature and an optional UE feature. Usage and implementation of the different SoLSA service features may vary according to operator’s service packages.

This feature is not intended to replace the existing method of cell selection, cell indication and handover.

“Support of Localised service area (SoLSA)” is renamed Phase 2+ item “Support of Home Area Priority”

Note: The present document covers description for GERAN support only. UTRAN support will be added in latter releases.