1 Scope

28.6023GPPCore Network (CN) and non-3GPP access interworking system Network Resource Model (NRM) Integration Reference Point (IRP)Information Service (IS)Release 12Telecommunication managementTS

The present document is an Integration Reference Point (IRP) named "Core Network (CN) and non-3GPP access interworking system Network Resource Model IRP", through which an ‘IRPAgent’ (typically an Element Manager or Network Element) can communicate Configuration Management (CM) information to one or several ‘IRPManagers’ (typically Network Managers) concerning interworking network resources.

According to the structure of IWLAN defined in 3GPP TS 23.234 [5], several nodes are defined in 3GPP (e.g. WAG, PDG, 3GPP AAA, etc). The present document is focusing on the definition of NRM IRP IOCs for management support.

It reuses relevant parts of the generic NRM in 3GPP TS 28.622 [6], either by direct reuse or sub-classing, and in addition to that defines I-WLAN specific Information Object Classes.

In order to access the information defined by this NRM, an Interface IRP is needed, such as the Basic CM IRP IS (3GPP TS 32.602 [7]) or the Bulk CM IRP IS (3GPP TS 32.612 [8]). However, which Interface IRP that is applicable is outside the scope of the present document.

The present document supports the Federated Network Information Model (FNIM) concept described in 3GPP TS 32.107 [16] in that the relevant Information Object Classes (IOCs) defined in the present document are directly or indirectly inherited from those specified in the Umbrella Information Model (UIM) of 3GPP TS 28.620 [17].