1 Scope

29.4583GPPProtocol specificationRelease 8SIP Transfer of IP Multimedia Service Tariff InformationTISPANTS

The present document specifies the Stage 3 of the real-time transfer of tariff information between a Charge Determination Point (CDP) and a Charge Generation Point (CGP) by means of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

It identifies the protocol procedures and switching functions needed to support the transfer of tariff information related to IP multimedia services. The information needed to support the ISDN User part (ISUP) signalling aspects of charging (ES 201 296 [6]) for Advice of Charge information purposes is also specified, however, it can be used for other purposes as well where applicable.

The present document is applicable to an environment where different operators are working together. It is also applicable to a single network operator environment.

Whether the present document is applicable to a national environment and/or can be used for inter-network purposes depends on regulatory demands and/or bilateral agreements. It should be noted that there are network requirements and signalling limitations that are not covered because they are outside the scope of the present document. Examples of these are as follows:

– the on-line provided advice of charge information may not accurately reflect the correct charging rate due to discount rates, special charging arrangements, etc. It is out of scope to ensure alignment of this information;

– complaint handling between network operators in case of incorrect advice of charge information;

– explicit encryption or special security mechanisms;

– usage of the transferred tariff information for charging purposes;

– interaction between UE and CGP for possible confirmation of provided tariffs;

– any function behind the CGP towards the UE.