1 Scope

32.7423GPPConfiguration Management (CM)Information Service (IS)Signalling Transport Network (STN) interface Network Resource Model (NRM) Integration Reference Point (IRP)Telecommunication managementTS

The present document is part of an Integration Reference Point (IRP) named "Signalling Transport Network (STN) network resources IRP", through which an "IRPAgent" (typically an Element Manager or Network Element) can communicate Configuration Management information to one or several "IRPManagers" (typically Network Managers) concerning Signalling Transport resources. This IRP comprises a set of specifications defining Requirements, a protocol neutral Network Resource Model (NRM) and corresponding Solution Set(s).

The present document specifies the protocol neutral STN resources IRP NRM. It reuses relevant parts of the generic NRM in TS 32.622 [6], either by direct reuse or sub-classing, and in addition to that defines Signalling Transport specific Managed Object Classes.

The Configuration Management (CM) area is very large. The intention is to split the specification of the related interfaces in several IRPs – as described in the Introduction clause above. An important aspect of such a split is that the NRMs defined in different IRPs containing NRMs are consistent, and that NRMs supported by an IRPAgent implementation can be accessed as one coherent model through one IRP Information Service (IS).

To summarize, the present document has the following main purpose: to define the applied Signalling Transport Network specific NRM, based on the generic NRM in 3GPP TS 32.622 [6].

In order to access the information defined by this NRM, an IRP IS is needed, such as the Basic CM IRP: IS (TS 32.602 [7]) or the Bulk CM IRP: IS (TS 32.612 [8]). However, which IS is applicable is outside the scope of this document.

Finally, regarding the support of the State Management IRP: IS (TS 32.672 [3]), all NRMs of one release shall support the same State Management IRP version.