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32.7563GPPEvolved Packet Core (EPC) Network Resource Model (NRM) Integration Reference Point (IRP)Release 11Solution Set (SS) definitionsTelecommunication managementTS

The TS 32.75x-series (EPC NRM IRP) define an Integration Reference Point (IRP) named EPC Network Resource Model (NRM) IRP, through which an "IRPAgent" (typically an Element Manager or Network Element) can communicate Network Management related information to one or several "IRPManagers" (typically Network Managers).

The present document provides solution set definitions for EPC Network Resources IRP, which define the mapping of the IRP information model (see TS 32.752 [2]) to the protocol specific details necessary for implementation of this IRP.

This Solution Set definitions specification is related to 3GPP TS 32.752 [2] v11.0.X.