1 Scope

03.483GPPRelease 1999Security mechanisms for SIM application toolkitStage 2TS

The present document specifies the structure of the Secured Packets in a general format and in implementations using Short Message Service Point to Point (SMS-PP) and Short Message Service Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB).

Furthermore, the coding is specified for a set of common application commands within the secured packets. This set is a subset of commands specified in TS 11.11 [5] and allows remote management of files on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) in conjunction with SMS and the SIM Data Download feature of TS 11.14 [6].

For SIM cards based on TS 03.19 [15], the set of commands used in the remote applet management is defined in the present document. This is based on the Open Platform card management specification [14]. For SIM cards based on other technologies, other loading mechanisms may be used.

The present document is applicable to the exchange of secured packets between an entity in a GSM PLMN and an entity in the SIM.

Secured Packets contain application messages to which certain mechanisms according to TS 02.48 [2] have been applied. Application messages are commands or data exchanged between an application resident in or behind the GSM PLMN and on the SIM. The Sending/Receiving Entity in the GSM PLMN and the SIM are responsible for applying the security mechanisms to the application messages and thus turning them into Secured Packets.