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05.153GPPImplementation guidelinesRelease 1999Release independent Downlink Advanced Receiver Performance (DARP)TS

The present document specifies requirements on MSs supporting Downlink Advanced Receiver Performance (DARP) that are independent of release. TSG GERAN has agreed that the standardisation of DARP be independent of a release. However, in order to implement an MS that conforms to a particular release but supports DARP, which is specified in a later release, it is necessary to specify some extra requirements.

DARP is contained in the Release 6 specifications. In order to implement an MS conforming to Release 99 but supporting DARP, it is necessary for the MS to additionally conform to some parts of the Release 6 specifications, such as the radio frequency requirements for DARP and some signalling extensions relating to the MS Classmark and radio access capabilities.