1 Scope

03.523GPPLower layers of the GSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS) radio interfaceStage 2TS

The present document gives an overall description of the lower layers of the radio interface for GSM based Cordless Telephony Systems (GSM-CTS).

The GSM-CTS system is intended to provide a cordless connection between the fixed network and GSM-based CTS Mobile Stations (CTS-MS) via a private CTS Fixed Part (CTS-FP).

Stage 1 is an overall description, from the service subscribers and user’s standpoint, that view the network as a single entity which provides service to the user. GSM 02.56 contains the CTS Stage 1 service description.

GSM 03.56 is a Stage 2 document that describes the system architecture of the GSM Cordless Telephone Systems (GSM-CTS), i.e. the system elements, the system interfaces and the functional capabilities.