1 Scope

09.313GPPBase Station System Application Part LCS Extension (BSSAP-LE)Location Services (LCS)Release 1999TS

The present document specifies procedures and information coding that are needed to define and support the BSSAP LCS Extension (BSSAP-LE). The BSSAP-LE message set is applicable to the following GSM interfaces defined in 3GPP TS 03.71:

Lb interface (BSC-SMLC).

Ls interface (MSC-SMLC).

Lp interface (SMLC-SMLC).

The present document defines message formats and encoding for BSSAP-LE and the particular subsets of it that are applicable to each of the above interfaces. The present document also defines the support for BSSAP-LE message transfer on each of these interfaces using CCITT and ANSI versions of SS7 MTP and SCCP. Additional requirements for the above interfaces that are applicable to BSSAP-LE are also defined – e.g. usage of BSSAP (as defined in 3GPP TS 04.08 and 08.08) on the Lb interface.