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23.1273GPPRelease 6TSVirtual Home Environment (VHE) / Open Service Access (OSA)

The present document specifies the stage 2 of the Virtual Home Environment.

Virtual Home Environment (VHE) is defined as a concept for Personal Service Environment (PSE) portability across network boundaries and between terminals. The concept of VHE is such that users are consistently presented with the same personalised features, User Interface customisation and services in whatever network and whatever terminal (within the capabilities of the terminal and the network), wherever the user may be located.

For Release 5, e.g. CAMEL, MExE, OSA and USAT are considered the mechanisms supporting the VHE concept.

Stage 2 specifications for CAMEL, MExE and USAT are addressed in other documents [1], [2], [3]. However, there is no separate stage 2 specification document for OSA. Therefore, the present document addresses stage 2 aspects for OSA.